Professional Training

Professional Training

I have created various different training days and workshop opportunities that are extremely beneficial for employee’s such as teachers, nursery staff, playgroup facilitators, to enhance their knowledge, understanding and approaches to supporting children’s mental and emotional wellbeing within their workplace.

The aim of these training days or workshops are to incorporate your employee’s objectives, targets and wellbeing strategies within their role, as well as developing their expertise that supports children’s wellbeing. All workshops and professional training that I provide offers a holistic and bespoke experience to ensure that all professionals benefit from their training, no matter their working roles with the children in your workplace.

Some of the workshops and training that I have provided are:

  • “The Power of Play”: Training to increase the awareness of Play Therapy for Professionals
  • “The Highly Sensitive Child”: Training to increase the awareness of highly sensitive children and how to support them within your workplace.
  • “Empowering the Anxious Child”: Training to support professionals to support and connect with anxious children within your workplace.
  • “The Compassionate Professional”: Training to support professionals on how to use a conscious, connected, positive approach to discipline within your workplace.
  • “Positive Discipline”: Training to support professionals on how to use effective strategies to support children and young people to learn from mistakes and to move forward with confidence.
  • “Trigger Awareness”: Identifying and disempowering professionals personal triggers when working with children in your workplace.



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