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The Positive Mother: 12 Week Cycle Breaker Program.

Supporting Mother’s to achieve the 3 C’s in motherhood: Clarity, Connection and Confidence.

If you feel as though you want to feel happier in your experience as a mother, to feel more confident in your approach. And still, old patterns keep creeping in, you shout, or become controlling, or anxiously hovering, expecting too much, feeling at a loss and as though you can’t get it right.

Wishing that you had a more positive experience as a mother.


You are not alone. How can I help?


The Positive Mother program involves a 1:1 weekly 1 hour session (face to face or virtual). You will also receive a session feedback sheet which will include the topic points from the session, your weekly achievements and your goals for the week.


The 12 weeks will explore the following topics:

  • Family generational patterns: Implementing boundaries and expectations
  • Personal trigger and inner critic work: understanding avoidance behaviours
  • Self regulation/ Co-regulation tools and techniques
  • Connecting with the subconscious
  • Inner child connection
  • Child development: what to expect at each stage
  • Positive discipline and boundaries
  • Understanding sensory seeking and sensory sensitivity
  • Playing activities that boost connection, self-love and self-esteem for your children
  • Parent teamwork, boosting the support between you both

And so much more!

You will also receive a midweek text/ email to have a check in, and opportunity of support and guidance. To enhance your self-reflection, you will also receive a 12 week gratitude journal for you to complete daily during the program to boost your self-care, positivity and overall well-being.


So if you are ready to:

– Have an excellent toolkit of techniques and skills to support your child/children’s needs and behaviours.

– Deeply understand your child/children’s feelings and needs on an extensive level.

– Deconstruct your current thoughts, self-belief, behaviour and parenting patterns.

– Confidently communicate discipline and boundaries with your child/children, family, friends etc.

– Enjoy more connection with your child/children and loved ones, and to feel happiness in the present moment.


If you are ready to break cycles in your motherhood journey, to become a Positive Mother, contact me via my enquiry page!

The Glow Program

Within a small and safe group you will be guided through six topics, from goal setting, breaking past generational parenting styles, understanding and disempowering your triggers, using the Positive-Parenting approach with your family and more! I have specifically designed the Glow Program to help you grow and glow as a mother and as an individual.

During the 6 weeks or the full day event, you will have the opportunity to learn and understand more about yourself, your current parenting style, whilst giving you guidance to reconnect with your true self. You will also have the opportunity to gain support and understanding on your child’s current behaviours, as there are two set activities that explore your children’s behaviours, whilst giving you bespoke guidance on how to connect with them during the highs and the lows.

This program may involve deep reflection but it would not be classed as personal therapy, as you are always in control of what you want to explore, discuss and work through.

Head to my “Shop” page to book your space on The Glow Program near you!

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The Parent Plan

A 90 minute session that is bespoke to you and your family, exploring pre-agreed topics that will help to enhance your parenting and your understanding of your child. Topics can cover*: how to use Positive Parenting, positive discipline, highly sensitive child/parent awareness, self-regulation/ co-regulation tips etc.

*I am also happy to discuss any topic that is not mentioned above- please email prior to booking to confirm if this is suitable. If not, I will be able to refer you to the best organisation/professional for guidance.


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