The Mother’s Retreat


Yes the 2 weeks Easter holidays are over (YAY) and maybe you have put the thought of the 8 week summer holidays to the back of your head, but let me tell you, it’s going to come back around quickly!

If you feel worried about the thought of the summer holidays, “how I am going to entertain my children for 8 weeks?!”, “I am going to be shouting after 2 days, I just know it”, or “I’m dreading trying to manage the children’s screentime when they are home so much”. Or maybe you are excited for the summer holidays with your children, but you want to refuel with a bit of “me-time”.

Yes you try to read up on information from experts online, talk to other parents to find out how they manage it, or maybe you go to an in denial space, telling yourself it will all be OK.  And still, old patterns keep creeping in, you shout, or become controlling, or anxiously hovering, expecting too much, feeling at a loss and as though you can’t get it right.
Wishing that you could create a positive summer experience for you and your family.

You are not alone. 

How can I help you?
I am hosting at The Culloden Estate & Spa on Saturday 29th of June from 1pm-4pm,

The Mother Retreat

I created this extravagant retreat to empower mothers to feel positive and optimistic for the summer holidays ASWELL as experience high luxury relaxation within a gorgeous 5* location!

At The Mother’s Retreat, we will explore topics covering:
– How to effectively manage screentime
– How to support your child with boredom
– Learn self regulation/ co-regulation tools and techniques
– Q&A’s about your child’s behaviours/ Positive Parenting Approach

To give your minds a break, you can enjoy exploring your goodie bags, or to tuck into Pastries, treats and refreshments whilst mingling with other like-minded mothers. Then to finish off this luxurious, rejuvenating retreat, you will experience a Sound Bath held my special guest, the beautiful soul Ashleigh Thompson.

So if you want to experience 5* luxury and:
– Have an excellent toolkit of techniques and skills to manage screentime, boredom, or other challenging behaviours.
– To feel surrounded by like-minded mothers and to feel heard.
– Deconstruct your current thoughts, self-belief, behaviour and parenting patterns.
– To feel refreshed, energised, motivated and empowered.
– To have some well deserved “me-time”.

We cannot wait to see you there mama!

Love & light,

Megan x